Code Of Conduct

Our goal at Stillwater Refuge is to create a fun, adventurous community that encourages Godly growth, respect and unity among campers and staff. We require every parent and camper to carefully read, discuss and sign the Code of Conduct Agreement. The code of conduct is also located in the Parent information , and Application form.


  1. I will respectfully obey camp staff at all times.
  2. I will not be part of any form of bullying: physical, verbal or relational. Stillwater Refuge reserves the discretion to apply appropriate disciplinary action based on the severity of the camper’s bullying.
  3. I understand that profanity and vulgarity have no place at camp.
  4. I will not at any time be in possession of, or talk of possession of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substance.
  5. I understand that to assist in creating a camp community involving interacting with bunkmates and gaining independence, I will not bring a cell phone, iPod, digital camera, or other electronic devices to camp. Stillwater Refuge has the right to confiscate these items when found, as they are not allowed at camp.
  6. I understand that for my safety, it is important for camp staff to know my whereabouts at all times. I will not leave the Bunkhouse after lights out unless there is an emergency.
  7. I will not damage Stillwater Refuge property or the property of others.
  8. I will be respectful of other bunkmates’ belongings and space.
  9. I realize there are exciting activities planned, various methods of hunting, Campfire discussion and Bible studies and I will be expected to participate with a good attitude. I want to be apart of everything that Stillwater Refuge has to offer and I am not being sent against my will.
  10. Finally, I understand that the consequences of not abiding by any of the code of conduct outlined here may result in immediate dismissal from camp. I also understand that I may be dismissed from camp for any conduct that negatively affects the camp experience for another camper or reflects unfavorably upon Stillwater Refuge.