A true understanding of Covenant Marriage is woven into the fabric of everything we do at Stillwater Refuge.  It was no accident that Jesus chose to explain our relationship with Him by explaining how He intends for us to love our spouse.  We work to equip, challenge and encourage couples as they grow in communication and intimacy in their relationship with Christ and one another.  God built you and your spouse not only to love each other, but also to advance His Kingdom more effectively together.

Pre-Marital Classes

Our most thorough equipping strategy is built around a once per week for six weeks discipleship program.  These small classes of engaged couples meet 2-3 hours around the dinner table with staff couples.

Pre-Marital Retreats

This is a more intensive “Fire Hose” approach at marriage discipleship.  Up to six engaged couples together at the ranch from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon exploring the ways of Covenant Marriage in Christ.

Marriage Builder Retreats

Up to six married couples together with our staff couples for a weekend of strengthening covenants and rekindling intimacy.

Weekend Getaway

If you are needing a quiet weekend away with your spouse or maybe some one on one counseling and prayer…this is for you!