Our Story

Jesse and Amy Easley met doing Youth Ministry in Waco, Texas in 1997 and have been married since 1999.  The Lord has blessed them with four beautiful children.  They have served in a variety of ministry positions and are very involved in reaching the nations of the earth with the Gospel.  In 1997 Jesse was invited to be a team member on his first trip to Haiti.

In 2001 the Lord gave Amy a vision for building a Retreat Center that would honor and bless Christian Missionaries who would come to stay there.  Their policy is, “You pay to stay today and a missionary stays for free tomorrow.” Stillwater Refuge was established in 2002 with a generous donation and since that time it continues to operate solely on financial contributions. Over the years the vision has grown and been refined to reach youth, married couples, families and hunters.

In 2011 they felt God leading them to improve Stillwater’s effectiveness by expanding the Board of Elders and Staff.  During this process it became clear that the role of their family was changing.  With so many new and different people in place, the opportunity for their family to live and work in Haiti became possible.  They are still following the Lord’s guidance as ministry continues to grow and community involvement changes.  So, depending on the time of the year and activities at the ranch or in Haiti, they will be serving in different places.

Jesse and Amy value covenant marriages, Kingdom families, and want to honor Christ in all they do.  They would love to have the opportunity to host and serve you at Stillwater Refuge.