We believe that the most effective way to change the face of this nation is to intercept our youth with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ-not religion.  While we regularly host Co-ed retreats, camp outs, and hunts our real burden is to see young men mature into passionate lovers of Jesus and eventually into faithful husbands and fathers.  God intended for men to work hard and we attempt to always have opportunities for young men to help us tend to the ranch.  We believe in speaking clear and direct to young men about the Kingdom of God, their responsibilities in the Kingdom and how it relates to their current lives.

Youth Outings

There is nothing better than getting in the outdoors, building memories and developing character. Day outings are a great way to engage young adults. We offer several fun, action packed activities with great facilities. Please note that the cost for the day is $15/per person.

*Most activities are included with your Day-Use Fee.

One of the most rewarding and simple things to do at Stillwater Refuge is what we call “Work – Play Days.” Youth groups are welcome, with supervision, to come visit the ranch and participate in work projects around the ranch or service projects in the community. We typically conclude the day’s activity with swimming, fishing and a simple lunch. If interested, please call for more information or to schedule a visit.